The benefits of massage

Massage ranks amongst some of the world’s oldest healing traditions. It was practiced by the Greeks, the Egyptians and by the Indians and Chinese even before the Buddhist era.

It contributes to reduce stress, prevent diseases and improve the health.

Useful for all the conditions listed below and more, massage can :

Body structure and posture

. exercise and strech weak or thight muscles
. alleviate back pain
. increase joint flexibility
. improve flexibility and range of motion

Body level

. enhance sleep quality
. relieve pain
. increase breathing capacity
. improve digestion and reduce constipation
. improve blood and lymphatic circulation and therefore favor a better elimination of toxins
. improve the skin condition

Sensory and psychomotor levels

. increase consciousness of the body
. improve energy circulation
. improve concentration

Psychological and emotional levels

. improve emotional balance
. improve self-esteem
. increase consciousness of one’s emotions
. help decrease anxiety and improve resistance to stress

and, last but not least, massage is an extraordinary tool that can be very useful in the following situations :

. support during a therapy
. support during a period of intense stress and/or burn out
. tobacco or drug addiction treatment
. a difficult period of life in general