Metamorphic massage

It is a unique tool which aims at reconnecting a person to his/her prebirth period.
During this period, the baby’s spine is in contact with the mother’s womb and registers every single movement inside the mother’s body. The emotional state of the mother during pregnancy can have profound effects on the child throughout their life.
We can find the points related to this prenatal scheme on the feet, hands and head.
By applying light movements on these specific points the therapist will enable the individual to get rid of his/her old fears and limitations. The metamorphic technique allows a person’s own ability to heal and remove the unwanted patterns.

The human life force flows throughout our lives. If that life force is blocked by events from the past, it will cause blockages in our energy flow and if energy is blocked we cannot move forward and let go of past fears and habits.

The metamorphic massage process :

The receiver, dressed comfortably, is lying on the ground or on a japanese couch (futon ).
After a short massage at the sound of drums and tibetan bowls, in order to induce relaxation, the metamorphic massage will start. Gentle, feather-like touch is applied to specific points on the feet (40 minutes), hands (20 minutes) and head (5-10 minutes).